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Instant SMS Sender

What is instant SMS Sender

Handy application for Bluetooth phone users. You can use your Pocket PC to send and receive SMS messages via your phone. Application is fully integrated with the Pocket Outlook. You can send messages from the contact list and received/sent messages will be saved into Outlook mail folders.

Main Features

  • Supports international characters;
  • Contact lookup when a new message arrived;
  • Supports Delivery report Notification;
  • Integrated with Pocket Outlook.
  • Sent and received messages are stored in the Outlook folders.
  • Supports sending long SMS messages;


Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards Nominee

Hardware Requirements:

  • Pocket PC with Bluetooth or Infrared port
  • Intel XScale or ARM CPU
  • GSM Mobile phone with Bluetooth or infrared port

Software Requirements:

  • Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 2003 Operating System

Limitation for the Freeware Version:

The outgoing message length is limited to 20 characters.

Version history



Version 1.0
  •  First Released
Version 1.1
  •  Fixed problem with Sony Ericsson
Version 1.2
  • Fixed minor bugs with SMS encoding.
  • Improved compatibility with new Nokia phones and with SE T68i.
Version 1.3
  • Fixed problem with some phones in case the phone number has a "+" character.
Version 2.0
  • Added International characters support
  • Added contacts lookup for received messages.
  • Improved National / International phone number recognition.
Version 3.0
  • Ported to the Windows Mobile 5 OS.
  • Added manual sending functionality.
  • Resolved compatibility problems with Motorola phones.
  • Resolved compatibility problems with new SE phones.
  • Added COM port mapping capability and configuration.
  • Added saving outgoing messages.
  • New improved GUI.
  • Standalone application launcher.
Version 3.1
  • Fixed problems with the Nokia N73 phone
  • Improved long message handling
  • Improved COM port configuration settings
  • Added Automatic Bluetooth radio activation
  • Added functions to remember last SMS settings
  • Back ported to support Windows Mobile 2003 OS

Registered users can get a free upgrade to version 3.1. Please send an e-mail to the following address to get your free upgrade: support@vmobilesoftware.com

How to install InstantSMS Sender

By extracting the files from zipped archive, you will find 'VmBtISmsSetup.exe'. Execute the 'VmBtISmsSetup.exe' on your Desktop PC to install the application on your device. Do not forget to connect your device to your Desktop PC by ActiveSync to transfer the program to your device. After the installation is done, you will find a configuration utility in your Programs folder. 

How to use InstantSMS Sender

First you have to make sure that following conditions are met:
1) Bluetooth Radio is enabled.
2) Phone is paired with the PDA.
3) Phone is configured on PDA as a dialup modem.
4) You shall disable the Bluetooth connection authorization in your phone, otherwise it will ask your confirmation from the phone every time you are trying to use the application.

There are two ways how to start the application.

  • Tap and hold the person name from the contacts list. Then select "Instant SMS" from the popup menu.  The selected contact will appear on the screen automatically.
  • Go to the "Start/Programs" menu and select "Send Instant SMS". Then you can select a contact from the drop down list. Starting application this way will allow to send it into the background by pressing "x" icon. Selecting "Cancel" will close the application.

After the contact and phone number are selected. you can type your message. The Request Delivery check box allows you to receive a delivery confirmation report from your provider.  This feature may not be supported by your phone or by provider.

If you wish to send a message with non-English characters, you shall select the "Unicode" option. That option allows to send any local characters including Chinese. The receiving side shall support the same coding in order to read the message. 

You can receive SMS messages only when the application is active. The incoming message will be displayed in a popup window. Incoming SMS messages will be saved in your "Inbox" outlook folder.

Please note that your wireless service provider may charge you for sending and receiving SMS messages. Contact your provider for details.

How to uninstall InstantSMS Sender

You can uninstall the application via 'Remove Programs' option in Control panel. There is an entry named 'V-Mobile Software InstantSMS Sender'. Select the entry and press 'Remove'.


The application is designed to support any GSM phone, but  since every manufacturer has its own way to support the standard or only parts of the standard, it may not work with some phones. If it is not working with your phone, please contact support@vmobilesoftware.com or use Support Forums to submit your comments.

Phone Model Send SMS Receive SMS Delivery Report
Nokia 6310i S S S
Nokia 8910i S S S
Nokia 7650 O N N
Nokia 6600 S N N
Nokia N73 S N N
Nokia N-Gage S N N
Sony Ericsson T616 S S N
Sony Ericsson T68i S S N
Sony Ericsson Z520 S N S
Motorola V600 S S O

S - Supported and tested.
N - Not Supported by phone.
O - Supported and not tested.

Download Free Instant SMS Sender Lite v3.1


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Windows Mobile 2003

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Older version 2.0 can be downloaded here:


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Pocket PC 2003 XScale

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Pocket PC 2002 ARM 

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