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Free Bluetooth Dialer

Bluetooth Dialer is a small program for Pocket PC to dial a phone number directly from the contact list.
You no longer need to store phone numbers in your phone. Select the contact person name on your PDA and send it to the phone to dial.
if you have a Bluetooth headset you can keep your phone in the  pocket after the number is dialed.

Version history



Version 0.1  First created.
Version 0.2  - Updated GUI
 - Improved call status control 
Version 1.0  - New Configuration Utility to  support different Bluetooth hardware
 - Bluetooth Headset Support 
Version 1.1  - Updated GUI
 - Fixed compatibility issues with some hardware. 
Version 1.11 (PPC 2002)   - Fixed problem with application hangs after dialing.
Version 2.0  - Redesigned GUI
 - Added support for the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack
 - Redesigned for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0

How to install Bluetooth Dialer

By extracting the files from zipped archive, you will find 'VmBtDialSetup.exe'. Execute the 'VmBtDialSetup.exe' on your Desktop PC to install Bluetooth Dialer on your device. Do not forget to connect your device to your Desktop PC by ActiveSync to transfer the program to your device. After the installation is done, you will find a configuration utility in your Programs folder. 

How to use Bluetooth Dialer

First you have to make sure that following conditions are met:
1) Bluetooth Radio is enabled.
2) Phone is paired with the PDA.
3) Phone is configured on PDA as a dialup modem.
4) You shall disable the Bluetooth connection authorization in your phone, otherwise it will ask your confirmation from the phone every time you are trying to dial.

To make a call you shall tap and hold the person name from the contacts list. Then select "Dial the number" from the popup menu.

If you are using a Bluetooth Headset, you shall disconnect it before you start dialing from PDA. The reason for that is hardware limitation on the most phones. They cannot maintain more than one Bluetooth connection simultaneously. The headset can be connected right after the number has been sent to the phone.

How to uninstall Bluetooth Dialer

You can uninstall Bluetooth Dialer via 'Remove Programs' option in Control panel. There is an entry named 'V-Mobile Software Bluetooth Dialer'. Select the entry and press 'Remove'


This application is freeware.

Bug reports, suggestions

The application has been tested with following devices:

  • HP iPAQ 2210 with Nokia 6310i phone, Jabra BT200 headset.
  • HP iPAQ 5450 with Nokia 6310i phone
  • HP iPAQ 5450 with Nokia 8910i phone
  • HP iPAQ 5450 with Nokia 6600 phone
  • HP iPAQ 3970 with Nokia 6310i phone
  • HP iPAQ 2210 with Nokia 3650 phone
  • HP iPAQ 1940 with Nokia 6310i phone
  • HP iPAQ 5550 with Nokia 6310i phone
  • HP iPAQ 5550 with Ericsson R520m phone
  • HP iPAQ 3870 (pocketpc2002) and Nokia 7650
  • Dell Axim X5 with Belkin F8T020, Nokia 8910i
  • Dell Axim X5 with Belkin F8T020, Nokia 6310i
  • Dell Axim X5 with Belkin F8T020, Nokia 6600
  • Dell Axim X5 with Belkin F8T020, Siemens S55
  • HP iPAQ 2210 with Sony Ericsson T616 phone
  • HP iPAQ 3870 (pocketpc2002) and Sony Ericsson T610
  • HP iPAQ 4150 and Sony Ericsson Z600
  • Toshiba e570 w. Toshiba SD BT Card and Sony Ericsson T610i phone

If you will find that it works or having problems with other devices, please contact our technical support at support@vmobilesoftware.com or use the Support Forums to submit your comments.  

Download Version 2.0


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Windows Mobile 5,6

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Download Old Version 1.1


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Pocket PC 2003 XScale

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Pocket PC 2002 ARM (Version1.11)

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