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Network Browser

What is Network Browser

The Network Browser is a full featured network browsing and diagnostic tool with user friendly interface designed to be similar to a desktop version of the file browser. Now you can easily access your corporate network or play MP3 files stored on your desktop's hard drive.

Main Features

  • Powerful file management functionality.
  • Files association assignment.
  • Displays the network layout the same way as on a desktop OS.
  • Instant access to shared files without mapping drives. 
  • Instant access to remote desktops via the Terminal Server Client.
  • Allows to map and disconnect network drives.
  • Displays WiFi network connection status and available networks.
  • Print plain text files on network printers.
  • Network configuration tools and tweaks.
  • Enables "Network" folder for the permanent drive mapping.
  • Edit "hosts" list to resolve network names.
  • Ping and Trace route TCP/IP tools.
  • Wake up on LAN function to power up computers remotely.
  • Supports landscape mode for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6

Hardware Requirements

  • Pocket PC with network capabilities (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Intel XScale or ARM CPU

Software Requirements

  • Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 operating system
  • Microsoft networking over TCP/IP on Desktop In order to access shared resources


Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards Nominee Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine Best Software Awards


Limitation for the Trial Version:

Full featured trial version can be used for 14 days. Any further use require that you purchase a license.

Version history




Version 1.3 20-Nov-2005
  • Added Windows Mobile 5 support
  • Fixed problem with memory error on large LANs
  • Fixed name limitation for Ping/Trace tool
Version 1.2 22-Mar-2005
  • Added Wake up on LAN functionality
  • Added "Open With" function.
  • Added Network Login function
  • Added file association management.
  • Improved network browsing functionality.
  • Fixed problem with relaunching application
  • Fixed minor bugs with GUI.
Version 1.1 31-Oct-2004
  • Added full support for Windows Mobile 2003 SE operating system.
  • Added an automatic update of the file lists if the files are changed by other programs.
  • Added a media sense for the storage card when it is inserted or removed.
  • Added a WiFi network status screen and scanner.
  • Fixed problem when application freezes if no WiFi connection available.
  • Fixed minor bugs with GUI.
  • Improved the network discovery mechanism.
Version 1.0 8-Aug-2004  First Released


Upgrade to the version 1.3 is free for users who have purchased previous versions. Just download the following trial version and use your registration key to register it.


If you have any questions about the software or would like to request a new feature, please
feel free to e-mail us at support@vmobilesoftware.com or use the following support forum:


By extracting the files from zipped archive, you will find 'VmNetSetup.exe'. Execute the 'VmNetSetup.exe' on your Desktop PC to install the application on your device. Do not forget to connect your device to your Desktop PC by ActiveSync to transfer the program to your device. After the installation is done, you will find a shortcut in your "Programs" folder. 

How to uninstall Network Browser

You can uninstall the application via 'Remove Programs' option in Control panel. There is an entry named 'V-Mobile Software Network Browser'. Select the entry and press 'Remove'.

Download Trial Version 1.3


Download Link

Pocket PC 2003 / WM5 / WM6

Download Now

Purchase the License

By purchasing a license you will be able to unlock the trial version to make it fully functional. The activation process require to provide an owner name from your Pocket PC located under the "Settings/Owner Information/Name" menu.  Please make sure that you providing the same name during the purchase. The license can be purchased from following distributors:


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